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BabySecrets help future parents welcome their baby

With the Baby Secrets Package, discover a customised way to smoothly and efficiently enter into parenthood. We share our preparation secrets and make sure that you are completely  empowered and ready to welcome your baby.

BabySecrets Courses & Coaching : the best way to enter parenthood


This package includes everything you need to prepare for your baby, alternating on line course and personal coaching :

  • Maternity Preparation Checklist
  • Pregnancy Calendar - 1hr online course to help you create your own customized pregnancy calendar 
  • Baby Secrets online course : from baby items to new born sleep, with this course welcoming baby will have no more secret for you!
  • Weekly group calls with our future parent  community to answer all your questions.
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BabySecrets VIP Program 


There is no magic potion for becoming a happy and good parent,

but there is a path to follow which will help you be the best possible parent. 

Discover our BabySecrets VIP Program, a subtle mix between coaching and on line courses

to help YOU become an empowered parent. 

Module 1: Birth Calendar

✔ Week by week logistics and administrative guidance
✔ What’s a nanny in / a nanny out
✔ How to pick up the perfect creche for your baby
✔ Day care options : more choice
✔ Guidelines and how to maximize your Baby’s comfort
✔ The Fundamental rules for supporting your child

Module 2: Logistics

✔ Insurances
✔ Your Challenges & Mindset as a Future Mother
✔ Breast-feeding : what you need to know.
✔ The often-overlooked way to save money while pregnant
✔ The 3 top things babies want from their mums
✔ How to find OB and Pediatrician within your neighborhood.

Module 3: Support

✔ Organising the nursery : how to set up the perfect baby room
✔ Green Parents : tips to reduce the exposure to toxic materials
✔ Shareable maternity list
✔ Birth options.
✔ Baby items needed, faster and save money
✔ Immediate access to our support and caring group

Module 4: Items Needed

✔ Baby Dream Gear™, including : Feeding, Stroller, Diapering , Car Seats, Baby Carriers and Soothing
✔ The most important principle which should be behind all baby planning
✔ Which trolley is for you, according to your expectations.
✔ The best tools and apps which will help you get ready!

Module 5: Ready for the 4th trimester

✔ Travel with Baby for the 1st time: what do you need before travelling
✔ Baby Documents needed
✔ What you should never, EVER, eat while pregnant
✔ How to NOT waste money with baby items that you’ll never need.

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