BabySecrets for Companies

Helping your pregnant employees is important

Future parents, especially expecting women, are confronted to major challenges to enter parenthood.

Companies have a big role to play in this life transition, and by creating a support system, you can attract and retain the talents in your company.

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BabySecrets Company Package in a glance: 

The BabySecrets Company Package includes :

  • 5 modules of survival guide for new parents ( 10 h content): from baby items to new born sleep, after this course, pregnancy and beyond will have no secret for your expecting employees!
  • Consultation on Work life / Baby balance
  • Work and Pregnancy Resources : From Change Management to Facilitation to the back to work phase.
  •  A downloadable pregnancy calendar showing step by step which actions to be done to live a serene pregnancy
  • Weekly calls with our future parent community to answer all the questions.

BabySecrets is offering a tool to companies to accompany their future parents, through pregnancy and beyond.

Why you should accompany your employees during their pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the major journey, and a guidance during this adventure will help your employee have a stress-free pregnancy while avoiding the dangerous mistakes which can have heavy consequences on her and her baby.

Advantages for you

By accompanying a pregnant employee you will gain her commitment and increase her productivity. This unique occasion of building a trustful relationship will encourage your talent employee to come back to work after birth.

A Proven Guidance

In BabySecrets, we have accompanied more than 100 pregnant women thanks to a concrete step by step system.

We are here to help you prepare your pregnant employees to come back to work, organised and serene.

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